Why I Love the Cigar Caddy

A stylish and eminently useful travel humidor, the Cigar Caddy is a must have for aficionados who wish to carry around their favorite cigars. I used to believe that cigars were only meant to be enjoyed in the comfort of a home or office. Enjoying a cigar while taking a sip of my favorite brandy used to be the highlight of my weekends. However, I recently came to enjoy the outdoors and I was worried that time spent away from the comfort of my home would mean that I could spend less time enjoying a good cigar.

Cigar Caddy gave me the opportunity to meld my love for cigars with my new found enthusiasm for the outdoors. I no longer have to rely on plastic bags or wooden humidors to preserve the quality of my cigars when I’m off to the beach or out on a mountain trail. Cigars are delicate things and moisture as well as temperature and air, can easily destroy an otherwise good cigar. Being air and waterproof, Cigar Caddy allows me to bring my cigars along during boating and hiking trips. Nothing beats relaxing on a boat and enjoying the calm and majesty of the ocean while smoking my favorite cigar.

I am always amused by the reaction of my friends and colleagues when I bring out my Cigar Caddy. Although not all of them are cigar enthusiasts, almost every single one of them marvels at the craftsmanship and quality of these portable humidors. Although providing the best in cigar protection, I found carrying a Cigar Caddy to be convenient. I’ve taken to bringing it along on business trips and even during the times when I have to commute. Well-built and quite stylish, I’ve also found the Cigar Caddy to be a good conversation starter.

I would have no qualms recommending the Cigar Caddy to every cigar enthusiast who wants to preserve the quality of their cigars. Although billed as a portable travel humidor and cigar case, I’ve found that Cigar Caddy to be equally as good as a cigar storage box for one’s home and office.


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