Special Features Of Honduran Cigars

Cigar aficionados are quickly discovering the benefits of Honduran cigars. Whether you have tried Honduran cigars or not, there are many reasons to give them a try, and perhaps share them with a friend or close family member.

As the manufacturing of cigars in Honduras expands, they are becoming more readily available, around the globe. Nearly anyone who wants to try them can find a suitable brand. There are several brands and flavors to choose from. Honduran cigars are not limited to a single flavor or tobacco profile. Buyers have many options.

Honduras is home to several skilled, experienced tobacco growers. They know what customers are looking for. The climate is suitable for growing tobacco, with an abundance of flavors and types available. Many growers offer full lines, with four or five different types of cigars offered to the public.

Most Honduran cigars are made in the Valparaiso region, known for its rich soil. The tobacco grown here has a somewhat earthy flavor, with hints of nut and strong citrus influence. Most brands offer cigars that also contain hints of spice. Most of the seed used in Honduras comes from Cuba, but the difference in soil gives it a slightly richer flavor, similar to cigars grown in neighboring Nicaragua.

Several brands of Honduran cigars are recommended. Punch brand offers products in different sizes, which makes it a hit among customers. Punch lightens the flavor somewhat, by cutting in tobacco from the Dominican.

Asylum 13 Corojo is a potent cigar, full of flavor. This brand comes in six sizes and another variation, the Comacho Corojo, made purely from Honduran tobacco and is said to offer a Robust flavor. It makes a great after dinner cigar.

Rocky Patel is known for making hearty cigars with a vast array of flavors. Smokers who enjoy a variety of flavors will like this brand. The tobacco is also aged for 5 years, to add to its heartiness.

Raices Cubanas is one of the most well known cigar factories in Honduras, producing the Alec Bradley label. This brand combines Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos, for a full flavor.

Nat Sherman is known for producing mildly flavored Honduran cigars, with a slight hint of spice. This brand is also known to be sweeter than many of its competitors.

Cigar buyers can find Honduran made cigars in catalogs and through local smoke shops. They are nearly always full of flavor and give buyers plenty of flavor options to choose from.


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